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Reinvent the next generation's decentralized Social Network.


GSC (Global Social Chain) is the world's first new generation of social networking chain that owns hundreds of millions of social users. This social chain is determined to use block chain technology to subvert centralized social networks such as Facebook, WeChat, etc., which plays a dual role as "manager" and "arbiter" simultaneously for the former social networking platforms.

Introducing to the GSC

The Problems

Social network is the most important basic measure of the Internet. It conveys the user's daily high frequency interactive behavior. However, at present, all the centralized social networking platforms, such as Facebook, Snapchat, etc., are facing many pain points.

  • The security of users' private information cant be guaranteed;
  • The user data can be used by the platform at any time;
  • There is a lack of incentive as the values created within the content of the user belong, at last, to the platform;
  • Credit system vulnerability, false information, and low social efficiency.

The Solution

The social network is a natural source applied to the centralized block chain technology. GSC's vision is to utilize the block chain technology to restructure the values of the next generation of social networking platforms and let the security of the private data and the digital assets become individual. Through the in-depth cooperation with the famous social networking application Mico, we have the chance to validate the solution of the block chain technology on the product matrix of Mico and made very effective progress.

GSC social network created a decentralized opened network platform, using an advanced technology, using a set of centralized smart contracts. These technologies will solve several problems that social networks face.

Users can purchase virtual gifts with GSC Coin, and social interaction is accompanied by the flow of value. Fans can buy presents for content creators here. When a fan clicks on a content creator's gift link, the gift shop automatically pops out and displays all of the content creators' gifts.

User's core and privacy data is encrypted and stored on the decentralized network node, and user's private information and control of the information are returned to the individual to ensure the data security.

The license system is based on the decentralized distribution system IPFS. Users can publish high-quality pictures, video and other contents in the moments, which can be set to the assets that need to be authorized to browse.

The Reward System calculates the SVN (Social Value Unit) of each participating user's Social quality Value according to the algorithm every day, and rewards some contributors according to the list. It encourages users to create various social interaction and high quality content.

Personal e-wallet for asset storage, transfer, recharge and withdrawal.

Use Cases

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Strategic Partner

GSC Foundation has a long-term relationship with Mico as the most important Strategic Partner. Mico is a mobile social platform for the global market, which was launched in February 2015. With its original "intelligent social recommendation system based on interest", Mico has created its own territory in the giant global social market, quickly accumulating hundreds of millions of users and entered the top five social tables in more than 60 countries, becoming the world's premier open social platform. A social matrix is built around the social platform on Mico, including Mico, Kitty Live, Waka, and YAY.

Kitty Live

One of the most popular live streaming applications in Southeast Asia, with more than 20 million users.


South East Asia / Middle East's largest social platform among strangers and more than one hundred million users, Google's selected global best applications


Anonymous comment app for the young in the USA


Popular short video app in Southeast Asian

Founder Team

GSC has a dedicated, skilled and intelligent team

  • Evan Yip

    GSC Founder & Chief Scientist. Mr. Yip as a geek, is an expert in Blockchain and big data. Evan Yip once won the top prize of Google Innovation Contest, and developed 3 popular Applications which accumulated more than 1 billion users globally. Evan Yip leads a team and won the “best developer of Google.”

  • Henrik Zheng

    CTO. Mr Zheng is one of the leading R&D in Mac/iOS. Mr Zheng used to be team leader in Tencent and take charge of the R&D of QQ series products.

  • Dr. Guang Zeng

    Dr. Guang Zeng received his PhD degree in EE with focus on Telecommunication from Polytechnic Eng School of New York University in New York and Master Degree in EE from Columbia University in New York. Guang has published 11 papers and holds 15 patents (12 in US and 3 in China). Guang used to worked in Verizon as the lead IoT architect where he designed one of the largest IoT network. Guang's research activities focus on Blockchain and AI/Deep learning.

Early Investors & Advisors

Xiaolai Li

China's Biggest Bitcoin Multi-Millionaire

Xiaobin Wang

Founder of China Millennium Capital Top Agent Investor

Bo Feng

Founder of Ceyuan Capital

Shichun Wu

Top Angel Investor Plum Ventures Founder

Mingming Huang

Chicago University Top Agent Investor FutureCap Founder

Xiaoning Nan

BitOcean Founder CEO

He Huang

Mail Time CEO TalkBox Founder

Yue Tang

Founder of Blue Ridge Capital China

Tao Feng

Founder of the New Margin Ventures

GSC - Roadmap


GSC - Roadmap

GSC Distribution

Offer for sale 350 million units out of 1 billion units total supply of GSC.

GSC - Roadmap

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