The Statement of GSC Foundation: ‘The team share will never unlock if the main chain is not online’

We had in-depth discussions about the future development direction with our project team and consultant team, made a vow to create Global Social Chain into the world's top Social Chain and a Global Social Network Ecosystem. Meanwhile, we are deeply agree with the idea of Blockchain self-discipline by the co-founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterinthe. To ensure the realization of project objectives, and get better the self-supervision and self-discipline, we have made a consistent commitment and statement:

1. We will not start the monetary function for the project team, and the 10% GSC Tokens share of the project team will not be unlocked. Until the GSC social main chain is launched and complete commitment to community and investors. We will release the team share in accordance with the rules of the white paper after several official website/ community and exchange website announcements.

2. To facilitate supervision by the GSC community/ GSC foundation and other public, we now implement this by using GSC ERC20 Token contract, and announced the project team wallet address here: 0xb53e84d0bf5dffddba9b2cfa9210c13e204b80b7. We do accept your supervision.

Thanks to your support for GSC, We want to step further, and we will together with project team try our best to develop GSC main chain, simultaneous promoting the GSC global community and Global Social Network Ecosystem construction. Finally, thanks again for the support of all members of GSC!

GSC Foundation

Mar. 03, 2018